5 Linkedin Trends in 2024 You Need To Know If You Are Building Your Personal Brand

Feb 23, 2024

5 Linkedin Trends 2024

1. Video Content

There will be increase in both short-form and long-form video content depending on the Creator’s style of videos and their target audience this year.

  1. Live Events

There will be rise in Live Audio Events and Live Video Streams as more and more events are already being hosted here in LinkedIn and I think LinkedIn will improve the interface to push live events.

  1. Team Personal Branding

Entrepreneurs are not only going to focus on their Personal brand in LinkedIn but also their Leadership team’s personal brand as 82% of consumers are more likely to trust company whose CEO and leadership team build their personal brand on social media.

  1. Creator Monetization

There will be rise in opportunities for creators to monetize their personal brand in LinkedIn like Brand deals etc. LinkedIn will focus more on this as it has already started with features like Brand sponsorship tags.

  1. Collaborations

You will see lot of collaborations happening between creators in LinkedIn through posts, live events and with brands. I guess LinkedIn will work on the feature to tag the creators/brands whom we are collaborating with like other major social media platforms.

Want to turn your influence

Want to turn your influence

Want to turn your influence

into income in 90 days or less?

into income in 90 days or less?